Friday, January 1, 2010

Eroding our Fourth Amendment

Because the government didn’t do its job and allowed a terrorist on a plane, it wants to erode our Fourth Amendment rights protecting us against unreasonable searches. Essentially it wishes to strip search us in the name of our own protection.

I do apologize for the images that appear here. This, without sugar coating, is what you can look like. More than likely, your child will not be allowed in the tube with you. He or she will be left with the six dollar an hour attendant who escorted you into the machine.

If you do not wish to be scanned, you can have a full body pat down. Considering where Abdulmuttalab hid the explosives, you can imagine what a full body pat down would be like.

"A choice between being groped and being stripped, I don't think we should pretend those are the only choices,” said Chris Calabrese, a lawyer with the civil liberties union. "People shouldn't be humiliated by their government" in the name of security, nor should they trust that the images will always be kept private.”

Yes, airplanes are currently the choice of terrorists. However, they’ve discharged sarin gas in a Tokyo subway, anthrax through the mail, car bombs outside of government buildings and explosions on the British tube. There is nothing to stop them from targeting malls, Times Square, buses or schools.

The government is eroding all our liberties. We’ve seen it in matters of faith, in firearms, in travel. It’s time to say enough.