Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Please Your Man

Ideally, these should be in a heart shaped box
     Valentine's day. Ah, every woman wants a box of chocolates and a dozen long-stemmed roses. But we must remember there is another side to our love life. The man. How can we please him? I've got 5 fail-proof plans.
  1. Men like to save money. They budget everything. Therefore, hit the sales. Often you can dove-tail a sale with a clearance item and really make him happy.
  2. Men are visual beings. Therefore it is essential you look your best. Contact your Arbonne or Mary Kay representative and get a make-over.
  3. And speaking of a make over, what good is the make-up and clothes with ragged nails. Manicure time.
  4. If you're like me, hubby is your foot warmer at night. We do not want to scratch him with our jagged, winter-dried heels. Pedicures will cure that problem.
  5. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Make your dinner reservations early.
     Do you have any ideas you'd like to share?
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  1. Cute :) I'll tell my husband it was all your idea.