Monday, August 22, 2011

What's Your Memoir?

In six words, can you write your memoir?
I heard in this Sunday's Sermon that Ernest Hemingway was asked to prove his writing skills by creating a short story in six words. He wrote: "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." The congregation as a whole gasped with the power of the "story." Other examples:
  • I still make coffee for two. (From an 88 year-old man who lost his wife two years previously)
  • Revenge is living well without you. (Joyce Carol Oates)
  • Not quite what I was planning. (unknown)
  • If it looks good, eat it. (Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods)
  • Living is Christ, dying is gain. (St. Paul)
So I wondered, what would my memoir be? I decided:  
Dreams come true through due diligence.
Or--God answers prayer--Neil is proof. (But then, that's could be considered 12 words because I gave two examples!)
Or-- Shoot it, scrap it, share it.

Can you share with me, in six words, your memoir?


  1. Loved it all, once and always!
    Connie Jenkins

  2. love the comment--here are a few others posted on fb instead of here.

    ride roller coaster, puke, adapt, smile--Dale Langlois

    Life is what you make it--Kim Connell

  3. Hmm... Thought I posted... I will try again.
    My family makes it all worthwhile!

    Jessie Hartford

  4. Living life. Loving family. Growing happy.

  5. Jessie, I'm not surprised at yours at all--and MJ, beautiful! Thanks guys.
    My friend Linda said, "I did it God's way--mostly."